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Martin Matzinger Neuromuscular Massage

Craniosacral Therapy



Craniosacral Therapy gently restores and harmonizes your nervous system via the bones, muscles of the skull, spine and sacrum.  Tissue adhesions, cranial bone fixations and tight muscles can all cause the fluid surrounding your brain and nerves to be inhibited.  Craniosacral Therapy is an ideal tool to address issues of insomnia, TMJ pain, teeth grinding, tinnitus, eye strain and nervous system exhaustion and overstimulation.


Neuromuscular Re-Education



Bodies have muscular redundancy built in.  Muscles or subsets of muscle fibers will fire (brace) the body when there are weaknesses in the muscles being called upon.  Compensation is how we  complete the tasks we need to carry when rest and recuperation are not possible.  NMR uses muscle testing from Kinesiology to access the motor control center of the brain and uncover, sort out memories of motion and compensation that are no longer useful but still active.  Then through a broad range of release techniques (massage, myofascial, deep tissue)  muscle tension is released and new fresh patterning is offered for the brain to recall.

Martin Matzinger Neuromuscular Re-Education
Martin Matzinger Pilates

Pilates, Postural Education and Nutrition:



I am a certified Classical Pilates Instructor and can help with education, coaching, analysis of anatomy, gait, posture and nutrition.


Esoterics and skills for the emotional components of injury:



Bio-Energetics and Recihian Breath Work, Chinese 5-Element Theory, Astrology, Eneagram, Touch for Health, Co-counseling

Martin Matzinger Esoterics